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Paintless Dent Repair

PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR STARTING AT $149 PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR – BIG DENTS, CREASES & DOOR DINGS Ding King Certified Technicians will remove your vehicles big dents, creases and door dings  to its original condition, all without the need to re-paint your vehicle. No sanding, body fillers or repainting is necessary, thus maintaining the integrity of …

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Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash Starting at $39 Mobile HAND Car Wash Here at Ding King Express, we strive at giving customers world class service. Everything from the use of our own resources, including water and electricity to the professionalism and passion of our mobile car care experts, we guarantee satisfaction or there’s no charge. We also offer …

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Auto Detailing

AUTO DETAILING STARTING AT $149 A great looking car starts with a quality detail! Allow The Ding King to have its certified team of auto detailers make your car look like new. Oxidized, faded paint with surface scratches and swirl marks will disappear. Stop by for a free estimate so we can evaluate your vehicles …

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Windshield Repair

Call Us Today WINDSHIELD REPAIR STARTING AT $75 When a road pebble or rock collides with a windshield, it chips the outer layer of glass, creating a chip or small crack. The chipped glass particles become surrounded by tiny air pockets, causing visual distortion. The first step is to evacuate the trapped air and to …

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Ceramic Coating

Call Us Today CK1 CERAMIC COATING Starting at $995 WE ARE THE OFFICIAL CK1 CERAMIC COATING INSTALLER FOR ALL OF ORANGE COUNTY! Permanent ProtectionCK1 Ceramic Coating is not a paint protection, wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time. It is a nano-ceramic coating that forms a permanent adhesion to the …

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Window Tinting

Call Us Today Window Tinting Starting at $495 WHY SHOULD YOU GET YOUR WINDOWS TINTED? Ding King Express can provide you with the shade and comfort you need while driving in style.  Window tinting can benefit you by: Shielding you and your upholstery from harmful UVA and UVB rays Reducing the temperature in your vehicle …

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Odor Removal

Call Us Today Odor Removal STARTING AT $45 Completely eliminate a wide variety of unwanted odors from your automobile in less than an hour. Our system utilizes a Thermal Fogger which features a true odor oxidizing agent, Thermo 55®. It’s heat-activated formula is designed to remove smoke odors caused by tobacco and fire damage. The …

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Interior Repair

Call Us Today Interior Repair STARTING AT $95 Vehicle Interior Repair Keeping your automobiles interior is important. It’s where you spend the most time. A well-kept interior can make or break a potential resale of a vehicle. A poorly-kept interior can leave a bad impression on a customer driving with you, particularly if you’re driving …

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