Lease Return Inspections

Lease Return Inspections

Why You Need A Lease-End Inspection

Ding King Express specializes in reconditioning vehicles just prior to Lease-End Inspections. Lease-end inspections are generally performed by third party agencies or the vehicle manufacturer themselves and they inspect for all types of wear and tear, particulary cosmetic repairs that they charge a pretty penny for.

When your lease-end approaches, your transition to a new vehicle should be as smooth as possible. A smart approach to making the right decision is scheduling a complimentary pre-return inspection with Ding King Express.

Complimentary Service
Stop by for you free lease-end inspection. It won’t cost you anything, and this service can potentially save you money by empowering you with a condition report of your vehicle at lease end and having Ding King Express repair any cosmetic repairs for usually 50% less than what you’d be charged by the dealer/auto manufacturer.

Peace of Mind
Your Ding King Inspection will help identify any excess wear and tear you could be charged for at the end of your lease. With that information, you can decide whether to make the repairs with us or budget for any additional expenses charge by the dealer/auto manufacturer. This will allow you to financially plan ahead for the road in front of you.

Convenient Scheduling
You can schedule your pre-return inspection at our Repair Facility located at 3186 Airway Ave. Bldg L, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626 .

average cost of paintless dent repair
Lease Return Inspections Is Effective For The Following Situations:
  • Eliminate Haggling at the Dealership
  • Estimates are Free
  • All Work is Guaranteed for Life!
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