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Paintless Dent Repair Starting at $149

Paintless Dent Repair – Big Dents, Creases & Door DingS

Ding King Express Certified Technicians will remove your vehicles big dents, creases and door dings to its original condition, all without the need to re-paint your vehicle. No sanding, body fillers or repainting is necessary, thus maintaining the integrity of your original finish.

Ding King Express can even remove larger more complex damage typically required for body shops. While door dings are most common, we specialize in creases and bigger dents!

Our guarantee is simple…Your complete satisfaction or there’s No Charge! That’s The Ding King Guarantee!

Paintless Dent Repair Is Perfect For Repairing These Types of Damage:
  • Typical Parking Lot Door Dings
  • Runaway Shopping Cart Dents
  • Creases & Pressure Dents
  • Big Dents
  • Hail Damage
  • and of course the infamous GOLF BALL!



Here at Ding King Express, we strive at giving customers world class service. Everything from the use of our own resources, including water and electricity to the professionalism and passion of our mobile car care experts, we guarantee satisfaction or there’s no charge. We also offer special pricing for people needing fleet services as well.

  • Mobile Service to Your Home or Office
  • Eliminate Time Wasted at The Car Wash
  • Avoid Swirl Marks Caused by Car Washes
  • No Drip Guarantee
  • Our Car Wash Is Like Getting a Mini Detail

Auto Detailing
Starting at $295

A great looking car starts with a quality detail!

Allow The Ding King to have its certified team of auto detailers make your car look like new. Oxidized, faded paint with surface scratches and swirl marks will disappear.

Stop by for a free estimate so we can evaluate your vehicles particular needs and let us make your car showroom new. Mobile service is available.

Certified Auto Detailing Experts:
  • Attention to details
  • Oxidation removal
  • Surface scratches
  • Ultimate gloss
  • Simply perfection

Paint Correction
Starting at $995

Paint correction is the mechanical leveling of clear coat or paint (clear coat is unpigmented paint, clear) to a point where all the paint is free of swirl marks and light scratches.

Ding King paint correction technicians will remove imperfections in your vehicle’s finish and restore it to like new condition. These imperfections include swirl marks, “spider webbing”, oxidation, automated carwash scratches, water spots & bird dropping etching.

Our process involves a thorough wash wash using a clay bar to remove contaminants. Once complete we use a variety of proprietary chemicals and equipment to restore your vehicles paint. Once your paint has been re-leveled, your scratches and swirl marks are gone for good!

Paint correction is much more than than just detailing your car. It’s the process of correcting paint to like new condition, resulting in a shine and gloss you can only dream of. It’s kind of like having a new paint job without having your vehicle re-painted.

The before and after image to the right is an actual example of what you should expect your car to look like.

Paint Correction Will:

Restore Your Paint to “Like New” Condition & Bring Back Your Rides Showroom Shine. 

CK1 Ceramic Coating
Starting at $995


Permanent Protection – CK1 Ceramic Coating is not a paint protection, wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time. It is a nano-ceramic coating that forms a permanent bond to the paint & can only be removed through abrasion. 

Super Gloss – The shine from this product is not comparable to any other product on the market. It has to be seen in real life. It enhances new cars and used cars alike.

Super Hydrophobic – Incredible water beading and high gloss light reflecting shine. Cars stay cleaner longer and rain glides off the paints clear coat

  • Oxidation Resistant
  • Protection From Harmful UV Rays
  • Super Glossy
  • Hydrophobic Making Vehicle Stay Clean Longer
  • Guaranteed for 5 years

Ceramic Window Tinting
Starting at $495

Enhance the look and beauty of your vehicle with the highest quality car window ceramic tint film. We offer a variety of different types of window tint film varying from ceramic to traditional films, making it perfect for all types of cars and trucks. Our window tinting installation team has 30 years experience and all work comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Using the best products in only half of the equation. Having the best most quality installation technicians is the other half. All window tint jobs completed at The Ding King come with the with 100% satisfaction guarantee that offers your vehicle solar rejection while looking great! 

Benefits of window tinting:
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • UV Protection
  • Rejects Heat
  • Reduces Glare
Paint Chip Repair

Paint Chip & Scratch Repair Starting at $99

If your vehicle is in need of more than Paintless Dent Removal and requires minor paint touch ups, our revolutionary paint repair technology will make your car look new again, without the appearance of blobs and globs of paint.

Our state-of-the-art paint chip and paint scratch repair system utilizes special chemicals that allow for a perfect color match and a silky smooth repair that will impress the most discriminating of customer.

Ding King Expertly Repairs:
  • Paint Chips
  • Small Scratches
  • Chipped Door Edges
  • Paint Scratches
  • Clear Coat Chips & Scuffs

Scuffed Bumper Repair Starting at $495

Paint Repair – Scuffed Bumper Repair – Paint Touch-up

Ding King Express bumper repair technicians are Certified PPG color matching and repair experts who are capable of handling a wide range of paint repair projects ranging from, scuffed bumper repairs to reviving faded bumpers and scraped side view mirrors.

It’s AQMD legal, VOC compliant and utilizes the finest PPG Waterborne paint so it’s friendly for our earth too. Our paint repair technology and a computerized color matching paint system guarantees that every vehicle gets repaired to “like-new” condition at a fraction the cost of traditional body shops.

We specialize in:
  • Scuffed Bumpers
  • Scrapes
  • Chipped Door Edges
  • Paint Chips on Hoods
  • Rust and Spot Repairs
  • Faded Bumpers
  • Side View Mirrors
Scraped Wheels

Alloy Wheel & Rim Repair Starting at $149

If you’re seeking the absolute highest quality wheel and rim repair in Orange County, Ding King Express welcomes you! Each of Ding King’s Wheel Repair technicians are certified in all aspects or repairing cosmetic damage to wheels and rims for all makes and models. We specialize in repairing wheels and rims that have been scraped, have curb rash and dings, as well other more difficult rim and wheel repairs.

Curb rash caused by scraping your wheel or rim while parking along side a curb is the most common repair we encounter at The Ding King. While this detracts from the beauty of your car and can be very costly upon lease termination to have repaired by the dealership. Using our state-of-the-art rim and wheel refinishing technology, Ding King wheel repair technicians use cutting edge techniques that will have your car or truck back on the road looking as good as new in less than a couple of hours.

Simply said, we make wheels look new again!

Ding King Wheel Repair is perfect for:
  • Curb Rash
  • Dings & Scrapes
  • Complete Color Change of Wheels

Interior Repair
Starting at $95

Is the interior of your vehicle looking a little worn these days? Does your car have a dashboard, armrest, door panel or steering wheel with damage you’d like to look new again?

How about your vehicles vinyl, leather or fabric seats being torn or have cigarette burns in them?

Not to worry, Ding King Express will resolve any of these interior appearance issues and make your car look like new again! All at a fraction of the cost required for replacement. We have a proprietary color matching system for all makes and model vehicles which utilizes “Auto Match Pigment Toners” for all interior trim colors.

Torn Interior Repair
  • Leather, Vinyl & Velour
  • Cigarette Burns
  • Scuffs in Plastic Trim
  • Carpet Dyeing
Star Break in Windshield

Windshield Repair Starting at $75

When a road pebble or rock collides with a windshield, it chips the outer layer of glass, creating a chip or small crack. The chipped glass particles become surrounded by tiny air pockets, causing visual distortion.

The first step is to evacuate the trapped air and to fill the cavities with a specially formulated liquid resin which when cured with ultra-violet light, clears the distortion and bonds the loose glass preventing the damage from spreading.

Our repairs are effective on all types of damage: bull’s eyes, stone chips, star breaks, and small cracks and guaranteed for life.

Our technicians repair:
  • Bullseyes
  • Star Breaks
  • Combo Damage

Headlight Renewal Starting at $75

Are your car’s headlight lenses dull, cloudy, scratched or yellowed? Not to worry, The Ding King has the technology and know-how to refinish and restore all types of plastic headlights.

Oxidized foggy headlight lenses makes your car looks badly as well as it poses a safety hazard as the amount of light remitted onto the pavement is lessened.

The Ding King headlight renewal will permanently  process will repair yellowed and foggy headlamps. We restore all types of acrylic headlights to crystal clear clarity, bringing back that “like-new” shiny appearance of new headlamps. The process involves a thorough cleaning and special polish. Then, we chemically cure proprietary chemicals to complete the repair process making yellowed, foggy and oxidized headlamps look like new again.

Today’s vehicles are driven on the road longer and thus subject to the harsh conditions of road life, making plastic acrylic headlights and lens covers to become yellowed and discolored. Harsh UV rays, road salt, harsh car wash chemicals and road debris all leave headlights looking yellow, foggy and hazy.

The good news is, The Ding King will have your vehicle back on the road in less than a couple of hours looking great again!

Headlight Renewal
No Need to Replace Your Headlights
  • Protection From Harmful UV Rays
  • Super Shiny Results
  • Greater Vision at Night
  • Enhances Resale Value
  • Yellowed, Foggy or Faded Headlights Refinished to Like New Condition

Odor Removal
Starting at $45

Completely eliminate a wide variety of unwanted odors from your automobile in less than an hour. Our system utilizes a Thermal Fogger which features a true odor oxidizing agent, Thermo 55®.

It’s heat-activated formula is designed to remove smoke odors caused by tobacco and fire damage. The system also eliminates pet odors, moldiness and a variety of other annoying smells.

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Mildew &  Mold
  • Pets
  • Scents From Marijuana & Cigars


Paint protection film is the ultimate level of paint protection because of its very thick, clear, vinyl, membrane that is stretched over the surface of the paint. Most of the films applied today are an average of 5 to 6 mils thick. These films are much more protective than any waxes, sealants, or liquid coatings.

  • Swirl Marks
  • Rock Chips
  • Oxidations
  • Surface Scratches

Starting at $3299


The Maximum ROI for Your Advertising Dollars
Ding King Express Certified Technicians will apply vehicle graphics to extend your brand’s voice to the highways, businesses, and neighborhoods of your customers anywhere in Orange County & Southern California.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Color Change of Your Vehicle as You Desire



Ding King Express specializes in reconditioning vehicles just prior to Lease-End Inspections. Lease-end inspections are generally performed by third party agencies or the vehicle manufacturer themselves and they inspect for all types of wear and tear, particulary cosmetic repairs that they charge a pretty penny for.

  • Eliminate Haggling at the Dealership
  • Estimates are Free
  • All Work is Guaranteed for Life!
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