Scuffed Bumper Repair


Ding King Express bumper repair technicians are Certified PPG color matching and repair experts who are capable of handling a wide range of paint repair projects ranging from, scuffed bumper repairs to reviving faded bumpers and scraped side view mirrors.

It’s AQMD legal, VOC compliant and utilizes the finest PPG Waterborne paint so it’s friendly for our earth too. Our paint repair technology and a computerized color matching paint system guarantees that every vehicle gets repaired to “like-new” condition at a fraction the cost of traditional body shops.

Ding King Express is Orange County’s #1 mobile plastic bumper repair company! We provide seamless repairs for your scuffed and damaged bumper with a perfect color match. There is no need to take your car to an expensive body shop and leave it for days or weeks. Ding King Express specialize in plastic bumper repair, also fixing scratches, chips, dents and cracks in all makes and models. In less than 5 hours, we will make your damaged bumper look like new. We have been performing mobile bumper repair at car dealerships in Orange and Los Angeles County for 30 years as well at all of our retail locations.

Scratches on bumpers are easily repaired. The steps include sanding and filling to ensure a smooth finish, primer, paint and clear coat. This process takes us about 2-4 hours to complete and we’ll have your bumper looking like new!

Scratched Plastic Bumper
Cracked/Dented Plastic Bumper

Cracked and dented bumpers can be a challenge but, in most cases, we can make them look near perfect! The process includes removing the dent, plastic welding the crack, sanding/filling, primer, paint and clear coat. This can take 3-4 hours.

Cracked plastic bumpers are usually repairable if the crack is six inches or less. The process includes plastic welding the crack, sanding/filling, primer, paint and clear coat. This process can take between 3-4 hours.

Cracked Plastic Bumper
Dented Plastic Bumper

Dents on bumpers can be repaired without replacement in many cases. Process includes removal of bumper, work dent out from the inside, sand/fill to a smooth finish, primer, paint and clear coat. Can take up to 5 hours.

Quality Bumper Repair
Ding King Express number one priority is quality repairs while providing the best customer service.  All of our scuffed bumper repair technicians are all Certified and Insured and have over 20 years of scuffed bumper repair experience. We will walk you through the repair process step-by-step so that you can have peace of mind and feel comfortable knowing you’re receiving the highest quality repair. All of our repair work comes with The Ding King Guarantee… You’re Complete Satisfaction or there’s no charge.

Mobile Bumper Repairs or At Our Costa Mesa Shop
Although car repairs are a notoriously stressful experience, Ding King Express offer both mobile repairs as well as scuffed bumper repairs performed in our state-of-the-art repair facility in Costa Mesa. Whether you elect to have our bumper repair specialist come to your home or office or at our retail shop, our highly skilled staff will have your vehicle looking as good as new in just a matter of hours. Our Certified Technicians will work around your schedule and travel to whatever location is most convenient for you in order to make the experience as easy as possible. We cater to your needs and prioritize customer service, so your satisfaction is always our top priority. We do however recommend paint repairs be performed at our repair facility to guarantee flawless work that can be difficult to achieve in parking lots and driveways.

  • Scuffed Bumpers
  • Scrapes
  • Chipped Door Edges
  • Paint Chips on Hoods
  • Rust and Spot Repairs
  • Faded Bumpers
  • Side View Mirrors
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